Interior design and decoration
not a status symbol, not showing off and not a shelter for the ones lacking fantasy or good taste.
it is a chance for you to work out your ideas and realize your dreams. It helps you reveal the opportunities in your home and create a harmonic unity from the various parts and details. It means useful, precious and unique solutions. Interior design, space organization - function design, style, fashion, balance of decorative and practical features.
No matter if it is 19th century neobaroque, minimalism of the last century or individual eclectic of these days that enchants you, the point of interior design is to enjoy the look and use of objects surrounding you in your home or workplace. The purpose is to create an interior that gives joy day after day by being tailored to the personal habits and needs of the people living there. Simply a place where you like to go and stay: friendly, comfortable and lovable.
In fact
interior design services can be used both jointly and separately:

survey and consultancy
interior design and/or interior decoration:

space organization, flooring, tiles, lighting, colours, texture, furniture, accessories, specially designed furniture, decoration, recommendation of professionals and companies in other arts

technical management

And all this is work and fun together with you! Let's start it now!

Andrea Mester
Interior Designer

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